Los Deline by Los Degua Limited - Breast

Los Deline®

Breast Contouring

Breast contouring with Los Deline® injectable volumizing implant:

  • breast enlargement in cases of small bust
  • breast shape improvement in cases of mastoptosis
    (after pregnancy or breastfeeding)
  • breast asymmetry correction
  • correction of breast deformities



The breast contouring procedure with the Los Deline® takes about 2 hours
and only local anaesthesia is recommended. The patient is allowed to leave
a hospital a few hours after the procedure. Just 24 hours after gel injection,
the woman can return to her daily activities.



Minimally invasive
The procedure is minimally invasive. The injection of the implant is carried
out using a cannula, which significantly reduces the risk
of injury to surrounding tissues. Cannula is introduced into the
field of inframammary folds with method tissue lock.



Los Deline® does not require long-term recovery compared with breast
augmentation with prosthesis or fat transfer breast augmentation. The
needle marks invariably disappear in a few days and there are no
permanent scars.


Achieved result is seen immediately after the procedure but the final
aesthetic result will be obtained within a few days after the procedure. Los
Deline® injections provide a much more natural feel of the breast
compared with surgical silicone or saline prosthesis. They also look much
more natural.


Compared to Los Deline®, breast prosthesis are longer lasting solutions,
but because of their invasive procedures, they may leave scars around
breasts and cause complications over time. Furthermore, since breast
prosthesis come in volumes that varies between 25-30cc, Los Deline™
provides better results for asymmetry corrections as you can adjust the
volume precisely. Thanks to the properties of the gel, there is no risk of
capsular contracture.